Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park Authority
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Hassell Studio

Simon Matthews and Zlatko Gashi led the structural and civil engineering team for the design and construction of Olympic Park Station. The structural design included large precast concrete columns and wall panels set below ground and refined steelwork detailing for the expressive roof canopy. Both Simon and Zlatko were very supportive of the architectural aspirations for the project and worked closely with the Hassell team to explore structural options and then refine the detailed design. The contribution of the structural engineering team was critical to the success of this award winning project.

Hassell worked with Zlatko Gashi again on the design of a new eastern entry to the station, commissioned by SOPA to serve the growing community in Sydney Olympic Park. Zlatko and his team supported the architectural team in the design of the extended concourse and canopy to ensure that they integrated seamlessly with the original design.

Geoff Crowe
Principal, Hassell Studio
M+G Consulting